Proudly Presending the 2015 ESNS Art Museum!

For the past several weeks we have been discussing art and the artists who create it. To begin with, the children learned that it is possible to make an entire drawing simply by using lines. We looked at books and samples of artwork created in this manner and then the children made their own line drawings. In addition, we explored the use of color in works of art and discussed how light and dark colors make us feel. After these discussions, the children created paintings using colors from both ends of the color spectrum. During these weeks the children also explored some of the materials used by artists to craft their masterpieces including different types of homemade paper and the tools and materials of painters and woodworkers.

We rounded off our in-depth look at art by investigating the work of several well-known artists: Georges Seurat, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent van Gogh. The children were encouraged to recreate the style of pointilism by making small-scale paintings using only dots. Next we studied the technique of mono-prints and made spectacularly colorful masterpieces. In order to paint in the impasto style of van Gogh the children were offered thickened paint and different tools to create bold, bright works of art on paper.

The resulting artwork of the past several weeks of the children of ESNS is now on display at the Community Church at 372 Wayland Ave. through Sunday, April 12. The children are quite proud of what they have created and we hope that you will enjoy our Museum.

ESNS Art Museum 2015

Paintings in the style of Mary Cassatt

Using dark colors (left)

Paintings in the style of Vincent van Gogh